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Nevertheless Film Festival featured by NowThis Her


July 2019

This could be a platform to elevate the producers, editors, cinematographers, and screenwriters who are so often overlooked.

Detroit Metro Times / Read Full Article

July 2019

The all-women team includes filmmakers, writers, designers, and a veteran of the film distribution industry all working to provide a showcase for female-driven films.

University of Michigan LSA Magazine / Read Full Article

July 2019

This is not a festival that is only for women. They’re just 26 really good movies that happen to be made primarily by women.

Detroit Free Press / Read Full Article

July 2019

Not only is the festival socially beneficial, but the selection of films was easily the most emotionally nuanced I’ve seen this summer.

The Michigan Daily / Read Full Article

July 2019

If a platform like ours makes someone in a position of power think twice about who they hire for their next project, I will be proud.

Agnes Films / Read Full Article

July 2019

A lot of change can be made through showing audiences the work women are making in a real, tangible way.

Pulp / Read Full Article

July 2019

A first of its kind festival.

Click on Detroit / Read Full Article

June 2019

For Nevertheless Film Festival, female film directors are just the beginning.

eCurrent / Read Full Article

June 2019

Nevertheless Film Festival is a small step toward recognizing the work of women in the film industry.

MLive / Read Full Article

April 2019

Nevertheless Film Festival was born on the promise that at least 50% of designated leadership positions on each film would be filled by female-identifying filmmakers.

Alliance of Women Directors / Read Full Article